The staff at Antique Resource has over 150 years of combined experience in the Antique Industry conducting estate sales, antique and collectible auctions, antique shows and appraisals.

We have thousands of antique resources to ensure that each estate sale is evaluated properly. Our extensive resource library includes books on every category of antique and collectible. We also subscribe to periodicals, antique journals and online databases that keep us "in the know" with current sell values and help us take advantage of current trends in the antique market.

Why are we so picky? Our extensive database of high end antique dealers and collectors expect nothing but the best and look forward to our sales that include some of the most interesting and high quality items. We welcome all estate sale goers at all of our sales and work very hard to price items at a fair market value for our clients as well as our customers.

AntiqueResource has a strict no pre-sale policy. Each sale is always as exciting as the first day we walked in.

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